Thursday, May 21, 2009


So I just came home from an amazing road trip with my honey and have a whole bunch of photos i want to share with you....

so i will
... when i figure it all out.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Photo Time

so it would seem that i have been mute as of late
i don't know where i lost my voice because i havn't really found it yet
what i have found is pictures on my camera taken by a 6 year old named Ava ( she loves taking pictures)

So this will be a picture post of three varieties
1) pictures I took of Ava when me and her were doing girly type things
2) pictures Ava took of our mini trip to Canada
3) pictures of my little doggy

( Ava and I were cooking dinner and she was begging and begging to wear her flower girl dress from our wedding so i said yes but only if she wore one of her daddy's shirts and my apron over top. She was so happy and looked really cute trying to peel potatoes).


So two pictures in and blogger decided it did not want to be my friend and let me upload anymore.

Booo, maybe later.