Tuesday, November 16, 2010


The icky ick ick bug hit me.

Of coarse it hit right when I have 3 essays due this week.

Here is to hoping that Nyquil and Buckleys do their job for the next couple of days so that my Professors do not receive jumbled up words compiled into incoherent sentences making up 13 pages of semi intelligent thoughts.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Last night I went out with my friend Michelle, we hadn’t seen each other on a one-on-one basis for a long time so it was a much needed gathering. Eating dinner and chatting with her reminded me how much I cherish that friendship. She knows and understands me and isn’t afraid to ask the tough questions about my life and she is also a great encouragement for me to pursue my OWN relationship with God, something that I have been neglecting lately.
One of the major highlights of my week is getting to come back to Canada and seeing the people that I love and miss but sometimes that leaves me with a ungrateful feeling about what I lack in life because they are not with my in the states. I have a great life and shouldn’t have a negative spirit about what I don’t have but like a child having a tantrum “I just want them there with me!!!!!” Like I told Michelle last night, the hardest transition for me in getting Married was not my husband leaving the toilet seat up but not having the regular deep friendship type friends around me for whenever I needed or pleased. Thankfully because of prayers from such friends I am starting to build those solid relationships with the people God has put in my life, so gradually this spirit of ungratefulness is changing into one of thankfulness and delight that I get to have great friends on both sides of the border.

Monday, November 8, 2010


I love my Hunny dearly, he is sweet, creative, funny and a rad bass player but I really think that I would have benefited from some sort of "wife school" where they could have taught me how to communicate in man language (and basic cooking too)unfortunately i don't think that type of thing exists so I will have to rely on God, Married Peoples Advice,Grace and a Couple more years of semi alright meals. Thank goodness Tim graceful when it comes to my learning curve and also not a picky eater and Ava is young enough that she will hopefully not remember the weird habits I have.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Pizza Dinner

While at work yesterday I was thinking about what to make for dinner that night which is often a struggle for me since no one taught me how to cook , I am not that good at it yet and most nights I am too tired to even want to be awake let alone do anything that requires a brain. Well I knew I needed to get over those thoughts and plan a dinner, so in-between making a decaf tall ristretto soy no whip extra hot gingerbread latter (not a joke) and a American misto the brilliant idea of making a pizza was born, I went to the store and bought all the ingredients but on my way to pick Ava up from school I thought it would be much more enjoyable for all of us if we got to do it as a family and if we would get to make our own mini pizzas, so I went back to the store and bought the 6inch pizza dough dough’s and then went home and did all the pre production.

It was a really fun activity to do together and I could tell that the usually sassy Ava enjoyed it because she didn't complain once and was all smiles. I want to try and include her more often in cooking dinner but I am in need of some kid friendly recipes, so if you have one please share :)

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Two Years ago

All of my most favourite people, including the one who was taking the photo too :)

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


I feel super blessed for being born into a big family, I am the oldest of 5 and in these last 6 years I have definitely grown closer to my younger siblings, especially my only sister Jesse.

Last night after a long and physically exhausting day at school(we did some cedar woodcarving) I went to my parents house to unwind. I have been feeling the need to be more involved in my sisters life lately because it seems like she has all of a sudden grown up without me realizing it and i don't want to miss anything more with her since i missed so much when she was little. Well my sister wasn't at my parents place so after numerous texts and pleading she finally came home to hang out with me. My sister is so sweet natured and caring even though she has had a much more difficult life then me and is often lost in the mix with three teenage brothers at home. So We decided to watch the first Harry Potter together ( she was very surprised and flustered that i have never read/seen Harry Potter before) and while we were watching it she noticed that i was in pain/uncomfortable from carving that she volunteered herself to massage my back... for the whole movie !!!! I don't think anyone has ever done that for me and/or done it so happily.My Jesse is loving and thoughtful and treats me so well that I am glad that I get to call my sister. The Point is, I love my little sister and am excited to get to know her more as she grows into young adulthood.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Rush Hour

Since I live in America with my husband and step daughter and am also finishing my degree at SFU I spend two days a week in Burnaby with my family so that I can go to school on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. On Tuesday mornings I usually wake up around 4:45am to be able to get on the road by 530am to make it to class on time. Well today I was exceptionally fast and was out the door 10 minutes earlier than expected and was excited because I was in Canada by 6:20am ( doesn’t seem like much to be excited for until you realize that every moment counts in rush hour traffic when you are trying to get from Surrey to SFU). I was happily driving along until I saw a sea of red brake lights on HWY 99, GAHHH I thought to myself, why today when I was ahead of schedule? Well I was pretty frustrated about the situations, there was an accident and it was slowing me down! Stupid drivers I thought! As I drove by the motorcyclist that was hit and still lying on the road, my thoughts quickly changed to those of shock, sadness and thankfulness that it wasn’t me or that I hadn’t hit another person with my car. I drove pass this motorist soon after the accident happened and it probably took me about 30 minutes to go 1000 meters but as I was listening to radio reports traffic only got worse in that area, I wondered to myself that had I left at my normal time my time stuck in grid lock would have been exceptionally worse. Once I finally cleared the area and was over the bridge I realized that it was pretty foolish of me to be annoyed over a 30 minute inconvenience when God so clearly has everything in his hands. I wasn’t lying there on the pavement and I wasn’t late for school yet my selfish nature told me to be angry and annoyed that I would be disrupted on my drive. As I drove into my schools parking lot, early enough to get a spot at a reduced rate I was glad that I was given a gentle reminder about my attitude and perception over situations that are out of my control. I am grateful to know the GOD who loves me enough to set me straight, even on the little things.