Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Last night I went out with my friend Michelle, we hadn’t seen each other on a one-on-one basis for a long time so it was a much needed gathering. Eating dinner and chatting with her reminded me how much I cherish that friendship. She knows and understands me and isn’t afraid to ask the tough questions about my life and she is also a great encouragement for me to pursue my OWN relationship with God, something that I have been neglecting lately.
One of the major highlights of my week is getting to come back to Canada and seeing the people that I love and miss but sometimes that leaves me with a ungrateful feeling about what I lack in life because they are not with my in the states. I have a great life and shouldn’t have a negative spirit about what I don’t have but like a child having a tantrum “I just want them there with me!!!!!” Like I told Michelle last night, the hardest transition for me in getting Married was not my husband leaving the toilet seat up but not having the regular deep friendship type friends around me for whenever I needed or pleased. Thankfully because of prayers from such friends I am starting to build those solid relationships with the people God has put in my life, so gradually this spirit of ungratefulness is changing into one of thankfulness and delight that I get to have great friends on both sides of the border.

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