Thursday, December 31, 2009

Cant do

What I learned today...

You cant make someone happy,
even if you really really want them to be.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009


I am drinking a glass of wine
I am drinking a glass of wine all by myself
I am drinking a glass of wine all by myself while eating my yummy homemade pasta
I am drinking a glass of wine all by myself while eating my yummy homemade pasta and thanking GOD that school is over for the semester.

An ode to my glass of wine

Monday, December 14, 2009


I have a final exam due in 12 hours.

I have a final exam due in 12 hours.

I have a final exam due in 12 hours.

I need to get off the computer.

More to come

I need to I need to I should write a new blog.

I spend so much time reading other peoples blog's that I just forget or become lazy.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

School Books

I have just spent the last week in my Literature class reading, watching and disecting the book Smoke Signals by Sherman Alexie and it brought back memories (and made me want to read another of his books called The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian which is now added to my favourite books off all time.

Well reading both of his book brough me back to my childhood.

-Back to the days where I would watch my uncles clean salmon
-Where I would watch my aunties make the most delicious bannock
- Where I would watch my GrandMA do beadwork.
-It made me remember the days that I would steal food from other kids lunches in grade school because I had none of my own ( and sometimes no breakfeast).
-These books made me remember how often I got moved around from school to school, so much so that I don't really remember any of my school teacher's names

These books and this class have started a dialogue within myself about a past I thought was forgotten, about a life that I thought was lost and a story that each one of us has to tell

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


I love reading blogs

just not so much into writing them these days

maybe when school starts again

Thursday, June 11, 2009



I suck at writing, consistently.

I get sucked into my non blog life and forget about my blog life, when really they are basically one in the same.


Tomorrow I have a job interview at 10 am at Horizon Bank. I need a job. I want a job.

I thought my dog ran off and got lost but he really just got locked in our spare room.

I won 3 one hour massages from my Gym from a fitness challenge I was involved in.

My husband and I have been going fishing lately...our boat is from the 1940's. It is a shady boat.

I am listening to the Ruth Series by Marc Driscol right now. Listen to it. It is really good.

Thursday, May 21, 2009


So I just came home from an amazing road trip with my honey and have a whole bunch of photos i want to share with you....

so i will
... when i figure it all out.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Photo Time

so it would seem that i have been mute as of late
i don't know where i lost my voice because i havn't really found it yet
what i have found is pictures on my camera taken by a 6 year old named Ava ( she loves taking pictures)

So this will be a picture post of three varieties
1) pictures I took of Ava when me and her were doing girly type things
2) pictures Ava took of our mini trip to Canada
3) pictures of my little doggy

( Ava and I were cooking dinner and she was begging and begging to wear her flower girl dress from our wedding so i said yes but only if she wore one of her daddy's shirts and my apron over top. She was so happy and looked really cute trying to peel potatoes).


So two pictures in and blogger decided it did not want to be my friend and let me upload anymore.

Booo, maybe later.

Friday, April 24, 2009


I am starting a garden today. I have a huge yard. I dont know how to garden.
We got our furniture today. It is too big for our living room. I like our new furniture.
I might have a job. I dont know much about it. I think I start monday.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Sunny Days

I was going to write a blog about something specific but couldn't concentrate enough to write it out ( I am easily distracted)

I went on a afternoon motorcycle ride with my hunny today and it was pretty sweet. We rode to Fort Casey ( which is friken creepy) and enjoyed some amazing scenery along the way, I wish I had brought a camera because the Olympic mountains looked heroic and inspiring. It was a day of beauty that made me remember how great the creation around me is and how often I go about my days not even realizing that i am surrounded by wonder.
I love where I live.

Update on the dog with three names.
I love him. He is sweet. He loves us. He fits in. He listens ( kinda). He is happy all the time.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Good Days


My rings have been "found". I think my husband stole them as an April Fool's joke but wanted to take it a step further and kept them hidden from me for 6 days ! So far only one out of the two has been accounted for. He insists ( with cute grins) that he DID NOT do it and that I should stop accusing him. He did it.


Monday afternoon I arrived back home from a Vancouver visit to find a new furry addition to my household. The Thursday beforehand we had put an application in for a cute little white dog ( our fifth attempt at adopting a dog) and they finally approved us for one. He is sweet.
He is also a digger. Today when Ava and I went to the gym we came home to discover a huge hole had been dug under our fence and no dog in sight, so we frantically started looking for him in the forest lands near our house but had no luck then we decided to ask Jesus to help us find him. Well we looked and looked and nothing happened so we came home. Well when we arrived we found 5 tweens in our yard with our dog...Apparently they had seen him running loose on our block and being the friendly dog that he is he ran up to them and they kept him safe for us. God hears the littlest prayers.


Sunday night Tim and I made a deal ( I though it was a joke), well I came home Monday to see that he had stuck to his word and I saw a flower with a note on it that said "a deal is a deal" even though I didn't even think there was a real deal to be made.

Friday, April 3, 2009

freaked out

when you get married you ushaully get a ring

i take my rings off when i wash my hands, take a shower and sleep.



Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Life Update:

I had my second interview with the Bank this morning at 9 am and I am hoping that I get the job but I am really wanting to get a new job that I came across two days ago. The job is for a part time county clerk position that pays substantially more then the bank and fits in nicely with what I have been studying for the last forever years.

Yesterday I started an "around the world" competition at my gym that is "the ultimate body challenge" and is kicking my butt. It consists of running 38 miles, doing 2100 feet on the step machine, 279 sets of core training, 120 miles on a bike, 148 miles on the elliptical, 300 sets on free weights and 250 sets on the circuit machines all in 30 days and we are only allowed to do 1.5 hours per day. My body is screaming at me :P

Last week Tim, Ava and I bought furniture for our house. If you have ever been here you would have noticed that all we have is a couch there is no kitchen table, no coffee table, no chairs, no carpet, no place to put shoes, no place to eat dinner... It was really exciting to be able to buy new things since neither of us have ever really owned anything new before.

For about a month we have been going back and forth to the Skagit Humane Society looking for a dog and as of today are still waiting and looking.

So maybe next week I will have a job, a dog, a sorer body and pictures to show you of my new furniture.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I need to work

When your married in America
Yet hail from Canada you cant always do the job that you wanted to do because of the many many different social structures of the town you live in.

So you (me) apply at a bunch of places and wait and wait

Until today comes along and you have two interviews in one day for two completly different jobs.

1) a hotel
2) a bank

I interviewed (if you can call it an interview) at the hotel at 10am and it went well even though the hotel dog (the owner's) growled at me.

In about 9 mins I will start an interview with the bank.... I am nervous. I like being nervous. I just ate a bunch of ice cream too. And hummas. Gahhhhh

Saturday, March 21, 2009

i am hot, aren't i?

i'm Canadian.

i can hold a guitar.

i've got AMAZING hair on my head.

i can sit nice and quietly and i'm pretty while i do it.

plus, my butt looks cute.

and i've got a terrific friend named leah who is soo dead for posting this, but at the same time she doesn't mind that much because she did an amazing job revamping my blog and taking these fabulous photos.

the end.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Day 7

8 am.... What shoes to wear today?

11 am- At women's bible study with my choice of shoes

3 pm I worked out, but my feet and shoes always look the same when I do that.

7pm In a new pair of socks ( cause I worked out in the others, thats also the reason they match)... I love red

So I now know why I have been tired...dang flu !

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Day 6 feet

Sorry I missed yesterday, I got home and I was too tired to think properly.

2pm Leaving SFU campus and walking to my car ( you cant see but it is snowing/hailing)

3pm Hanging out with my dad at Lougheed Mall

7pm Back at home and in my husbands favourtie socks

Monday, March 16, 2009

Day five Feet

1230PM WOOT WOOT I got my husband to come to the gym with me ( I think it helped that he had his very first pair of Lululemon pants)

5 pm Some post gym napping in Ava's room because our bed had a bunch of clean laundry that niether of us wanted to fold at the moment

6pm I couldn't nap anymore so I went to study ( and hangout on facebook :)

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Feet Day Four

This day consisted of lots of home know the fun stuff

12pm Cleaning the Dishes:)

1pm Doing Laundry

130 Studying :) ( I wore what you can see of a pink apron for basically the whole day, i love that apron)

4pm Checking the mail.....nothing for me today

My computer wont upload anymore and I am sleepy...maybe I will try later...

love, me

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Feet Day Three

So I once again I forgot my camera as me and Timmy went on a mission to Skagit Valley Humane Society and N.O.A.H to find our family a dog and/or cat to adopt.

We found no cat that would be suitable but we found two dogs that we a pit bull and the other a jack russell terrier that was recently rescued from a huge puppy mill bust that happened at the beginning of the year. We put an application in for the smaller dog and now are patiently waiting until Monday to see if we qualify.

1pm Eating lunch together at Red Robins ( I wear these shoes alot)

230pm-3pm Patiently but not so patiently waiting in the car as Tim picks up electrical supplies.

4pm Washing dishes together before we begin to make some food.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Feet Day Two

So the day started out with me accomplanying my husband somewhere for about 5 hours but I forgot to bring my camera :(

130pm Went grocery shopping with my non plastic bag and favorite semi new purse.

3pm I went to study but first changed because a buckle on my boot broke ..booo

6pm Post workout dinner with Ava at a very yummy restaurant

7pm Pre Bedtime Game of soccer with Ava, she basically kicked my butt cause I am not at all good at sports except for watching some hockey.

Thursday, March 12, 2009


If you don't already know I was born and raised in Canada, west coast Canada to be exact.
On October 18th 2008 I got married to my American love, I packed up my things and moved to America and because I got married in America there were two things I needed to do to be legal.
1) Apply for Green Card
2)Apply for Social Security Number

I did both of these things the beginning of November 2008. I received my not-so-green Green Card in January and was excited because it said I was legal to live and work in the States.

My social security card is another story. At the office they told me it would be 2-4 weeks, well I applied November 3 and excpected my card by the end of November which would have meant I could have started some type of Job but it never came.

I went back January 6th and told the social security office that my card never came and the man who originally talked to me said he forgot to send my information and that my card would come in no more then 4 weeks but it never came

I went back for the third time March 4 to figure out what had happened with the time frame they told me and talked to the exact same person but what did he say? He told me that I did not exist in their computer, I showed them the official document that they gave me in November saying I would recieve my card in 2-4 weeks and they looked baffled, then pushed some buttons on their computer and said it would be at my place in 2-4 weeks ( ya right is what I said) . Well today I found out they lied because I got the card today, one week earlier then they said.

So to commemorate that I finally have my SSN, here is some cute pictures of my step daughter Ava(there is no real correlation between what happened today and her but I thought that she looked so cute while we were out eating)

Feet Day 1

7am laying in bed with Ava, not quite ready to get dressed for the day.

8am Ava dressed for school and me getting dressed for the gym

1pm At Penguin coffee "studying"

6pm About to start cooking some dinner... Here I am standing in the doorway from my room to the hallway highlighting the two hardwood floor colours we have in our house.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Start


Welcome here.

This is my new blog.

Because I live a new life.

Join me while I am married in america.

Feet for a week

In an attempt to be more diligent at blogging I am going to utilize a concept that I really appreciated on my friend Leah's blog in which she photographed "her life in feet" for a week, so starting later on tonight you will be invited to join me via blogger and photos "in my life according to feet" for a week.

First Post

Married in America has made it so that;

Instead of driving my sweet little Honda Civic I now drive a Cheverlot Truck that needs bungee cords to keep the doors closed