Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I need to work

When your married in America
Yet hail from Canada you cant always do the job that you wanted to do because of the many many different social structures of the town you live in.

So you (me) apply at a bunch of places and wait and wait

Until today comes along and you have two interviews in one day for two completly different jobs.

1) a hotel
2) a bank

I interviewed (if you can call it an interview) at the hotel at 10am and it went well even though the hotel dog (the owner's) growled at me.

In about 9 mins I will start an interview with the bank.... I am nervous. I like being nervous. I just ate a bunch of ice cream too. And hummas. Gahhhhh


  1. wow congrats 2 interviews in a day

  2. thanks Gloryorya, they both went great as well.


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