Saturday, March 21, 2009

i am hot, aren't i?

i'm Canadian.

i can hold a guitar.

i've got AMAZING hair on my head.

i can sit nice and quietly and i'm pretty while i do it.

plus, my butt looks cute.

and i've got a terrific friend named leah who is soo dead for posting this, but at the same time she doesn't mind that much because she did an amazing job revamping my blog and taking these fabulous photos.

the end.


  1. Hi Leaha,

    Nice a new blog, I'll need to update my link. So how are you? I enjoyed the post, but am I confused did Leah hack in your account? lol
    Bye my love

  2. Gloryorya

    I like my new blog too. I am doing pretty great. Leah did "hack" and she wrote this last post..but its alright cause I like it.


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