Monday, June 28, 2010


I am very slow at getting started at something
or even at getting re-introduced to something I use to do daily (blogging)

But I am going to try
and I also going to slowly try and get the pile of clean clothes folded that are collecting dust in the spare room.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Days

lil'miss and I began some needed work on our "soon to be" vegetable garden. I took some coffee grinds home from work and kind forgot about them until today ( when the sun was shining) , well I have always wanted Ava to be part of the gardening process with me so i thought she would enjoy spreading the coffee grinds everywhere, and YAAA she did it wish joy. Hopefully we will have tomatoes, cantalope, blueberries and spinach sprouting.

Last Week;
Tim, Ava and I went to Canada to visit my family and do a little exploring, well we ended up in Stanley park and spent the majority of our time just laying in the grass with the daisy's, relaxing while the sun did its work.
A Couple Days ago;
Winston, Tim and I went to play on Rosario Beach. Last year we acquired ( unbeknown st) a very yuppie dog from the pound, a West-Highland Terrier, a small white fluffy token dog. Well luckily for us he is actually a hippie out-doorsie dog who loves the water and camping and being stinky.