Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Life Update:

I had my second interview with the Bank this morning at 9 am and I am hoping that I get the job but I am really wanting to get a new job that I came across two days ago. The job is for a part time county clerk position that pays substantially more then the bank and fits in nicely with what I have been studying for the last forever years.

Yesterday I started an "around the world" competition at my gym that is "the ultimate body challenge" and is kicking my butt. It consists of running 38 miles, doing 2100 feet on the step machine, 279 sets of core training, 120 miles on a bike, 148 miles on the elliptical, 300 sets on free weights and 250 sets on the circuit machines all in 30 days and we are only allowed to do 1.5 hours per day. My body is screaming at me :P

Last week Tim, Ava and I bought furniture for our house. If you have ever been here you would have noticed that all we have is a couch there is no kitchen table, no coffee table, no chairs, no carpet, no place to put shoes, no place to eat dinner... It was really exciting to be able to buy new things since neither of us have ever really owned anything new before.

For about a month we have been going back and forth to the Skagit Humane Society looking for a dog and as of today are still waiting and looking.

So maybe next week I will have a job, a dog, a sorer body and pictures to show you of my new furniture.


  1. yay, yay, YAYYY. and perhaps you'll have my new shoes unworn still? :)

  2. Congrats, and I can give you some chocolate to reward you for all the running, which too bad we can't do that together... I've done over 11 miles this week so far another 12 to go...


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