Friday, April 24, 2009


I am starting a garden today. I have a huge yard. I dont know how to garden.
We got our furniture today. It is too big for our living room. I like our new furniture.
I might have a job. I dont know much about it. I think I start monday.


  1. Nice a new garden I'm so excited for you! I've started a new garden here at my sis place. I have new flowers, artichokes, and mini tomatoes and its great watching them grow. I'm sure you'll think of something for a new garden. Enjoy

  2. Thanks Gloryorya

    Ava and I are about to go and plant flowers right now, these past few days I have been getting the soil ready ( it smells like manure).
    We bought a sweet hanging basket and it highlights our front window very nicely.


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