Thursday, April 9, 2009

Good Days


My rings have been "found". I think my husband stole them as an April Fool's joke but wanted to take it a step further and kept them hidden from me for 6 days ! So far only one out of the two has been accounted for. He insists ( with cute grins) that he DID NOT do it and that I should stop accusing him. He did it.


Monday afternoon I arrived back home from a Vancouver visit to find a new furry addition to my household. The Thursday beforehand we had put an application in for a cute little white dog ( our fifth attempt at adopting a dog) and they finally approved us for one. He is sweet.
He is also a digger. Today when Ava and I went to the gym we came home to discover a huge hole had been dug under our fence and no dog in sight, so we frantically started looking for him in the forest lands near our house but had no luck then we decided to ask Jesus to help us find him. Well we looked and looked and nothing happened so we came home. Well when we arrived we found 5 tweens in our yard with our dog...Apparently they had seen him running loose on our block and being the friendly dog that he is he ran up to them and they kept him safe for us. God hears the littlest prayers.


Sunday night Tim and I made a deal ( I though it was a joke), well I came home Monday to see that he had stuck to his word and I saw a flower with a note on it that said "a deal is a deal" even though I didn't even think there was a real deal to be made.


  1. aww your doggy looks very cute..what was the deal sis??

  2. first u lose the rings then u lose the dog, shocking, i cant wait to meet ur puppy sometime leaha! whats his name?

  3. I am glad I found my rings too Gloryorya
    Well Noah the dog has three names
    Tim calls him "mr dumas"
    I call him "kitty"
    and Ava calls him "Winston"

    So I am not sure what his name is

  4. I didn't take your rings love
    I would be incapable of lasting with such a secret for six days. I am happy however that this false security of "my rings are fine cause he has 'em" kept you from becoming too frantic. I too am relieved to see you rockin' your representation of us on your fingers once again. I hope I have sucessfully cleared my name with blogland :)


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