Thursday, March 12, 2009


If you don't already know I was born and raised in Canada, west coast Canada to be exact.
On October 18th 2008 I got married to my American love, I packed up my things and moved to America and because I got married in America there were two things I needed to do to be legal.
1) Apply for Green Card
2)Apply for Social Security Number

I did both of these things the beginning of November 2008. I received my not-so-green Green Card in January and was excited because it said I was legal to live and work in the States.

My social security card is another story. At the office they told me it would be 2-4 weeks, well I applied November 3 and excpected my card by the end of November which would have meant I could have started some type of Job but it never came.

I went back January 6th and told the social security office that my card never came and the man who originally talked to me said he forgot to send my information and that my card would come in no more then 4 weeks but it never came

I went back for the third time March 4 to figure out what had happened with the time frame they told me and talked to the exact same person but what did he say? He told me that I did not exist in their computer, I showed them the official document that they gave me in November saying I would recieve my card in 2-4 weeks and they looked baffled, then pushed some buttons on their computer and said it would be at my place in 2-4 weeks ( ya right is what I said) . Well today I found out they lied because I got the card today, one week earlier then they said.

So to commemorate that I finally have my SSN, here is some cute pictures of my step daughter Ava(there is no real correlation between what happened today and her but I thought that she looked so cute while we were out eating)


  1. yes, i think i like your back to blogging. and i am noticing ... why is your camera taking panoramic-like pictures? did you get another one?

  2. thats it took so long for you to get your social security number..aww ava looks so adorable. my wonderful neice who i havent seen in awhile and well of course i havent seen you in awhile either when are you coming by?? i have spring break next week..hoping to see you then maybe??

  3. Tanner I dont know why my camera is taking panoramic like pictures :P

    Noah shuuuuush

  4. i hope you didn't have to go to downtown seattle everytime....was there an office closer to your house?

  5. Yes there is one about 30 mins from where I live...thank goodness !!

  6. You should work at SBucks, I need me some discounted items...


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