Thursday, March 12, 2009

Feet Day 1

7am laying in bed with Ava, not quite ready to get dressed for the day.

8am Ava dressed for school and me getting dressed for the gym

1pm At Penguin coffee "studying"

6pm About to start cooking some dinner... Here I am standing in the doorway from my room to the hallway highlighting the two hardwood floor colours we have in our house.


  1. LOUIE!! i want to come visit soon. ! did you hear i am not going to be here in the summer?? ! ah, i have to tell you!

  2. watermelon socks!

  3. Tanner you can come visit anytime, just dont fight with me so that I can keep my husband sane.

    idovancouver i hate folding socks so i just grab whatever two happen to be there plus all my socks are multi-colour

  4. What is this Leah about not being here? And yes what about me - I want to see you too


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