Monday, March 16, 2009

Day five Feet

1230PM WOOT WOOT I got my husband to come to the gym with me ( I think it helped that he had his very first pair of Lululemon pants)

5 pm Some post gym napping in Ava's room because our bed had a bunch of clean laundry that niether of us wanted to fold at the moment

6pm I couldn't nap anymore so I went to study ( and hangout on facebook :)


  1. are those matching socks i see??? good work tim...

  2. tim is wearing matching socks but i am not...
    one are solid green(the one you can see) and the other are checkered

  3. WHAT! Tim is wearing Lulu's and you live in the US, that is only for Canadians. No Lulu for those folks. You know you're still one of us right?!

  4. there is a lulu outlet near our place :P


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