Saturday, March 14, 2009

Feet Day Three

So I once again I forgot my camera as me and Timmy went on a mission to Skagit Valley Humane Society and N.O.A.H to find our family a dog and/or cat to adopt.

We found no cat that would be suitable but we found two dogs that we a pit bull and the other a jack russell terrier that was recently rescued from a huge puppy mill bust that happened at the beginning of the year. We put an application in for the smaller dog and now are patiently waiting until Monday to see if we qualify.

1pm Eating lunch together at Red Robins ( I wear these shoes alot)

230pm-3pm Patiently but not so patiently waiting in the car as Tim picks up electrical supplies.

4pm Washing dishes together before we begin to make some food.


  1. L.E.A.H.A. theres no way u stood like that while washing the dishes...
    p.s. i always go to balancing procrastination first by accident

  2. i was standing next to him and I think he tried to get away so i put my foot there to hold him in place...


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