Wednesday, November 3, 2010


I feel super blessed for being born into a big family, I am the oldest of 5 and in these last 6 years I have definitely grown closer to my younger siblings, especially my only sister Jesse.

Last night after a long and physically exhausting day at school(we did some cedar woodcarving) I went to my parents house to unwind. I have been feeling the need to be more involved in my sisters life lately because it seems like she has all of a sudden grown up without me realizing it and i don't want to miss anything more with her since i missed so much when she was little. Well my sister wasn't at my parents place so after numerous texts and pleading she finally came home to hang out with me. My sister is so sweet natured and caring even though she has had a much more difficult life then me and is often lost in the mix with three teenage brothers at home. So We decided to watch the first Harry Potter together ( she was very surprised and flustered that i have never read/seen Harry Potter before) and while we were watching it she noticed that i was in pain/uncomfortable from carving that she volunteered herself to massage my back... for the whole movie !!!! I don't think anyone has ever done that for me and/or done it so happily.My Jesse is loving and thoughtful and treats me so well that I am glad that I get to call my sister. The Point is, I love my little sister and am excited to get to know her more as she grows into young adulthood.

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