Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Rush Hour

Since I live in America with my husband and step daughter and am also finishing my degree at SFU I spend two days a week in Burnaby with my family so that I can go to school on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. On Tuesday mornings I usually wake up around 4:45am to be able to get on the road by 530am to make it to class on time. Well today I was exceptionally fast and was out the door 10 minutes earlier than expected and was excited because I was in Canada by 6:20am ( doesn’t seem like much to be excited for until you realize that every moment counts in rush hour traffic when you are trying to get from Surrey to SFU). I was happily driving along until I saw a sea of red brake lights on HWY 99, GAHHH I thought to myself, why today when I was ahead of schedule? Well I was pretty frustrated about the situations, there was an accident and it was slowing me down! Stupid drivers I thought! As I drove by the motorcyclist that was hit and still lying on the road, my thoughts quickly changed to those of shock, sadness and thankfulness that it wasn’t me or that I hadn’t hit another person with my car. I drove pass this motorist soon after the accident happened and it probably took me about 30 minutes to go 1000 meters but as I was listening to radio reports traffic only got worse in that area, I wondered to myself that had I left at my normal time my time stuck in grid lock would have been exceptionally worse. Once I finally cleared the area and was over the bridge I realized that it was pretty foolish of me to be annoyed over a 30 minute inconvenience when God so clearly has everything in his hands. I wasn’t lying there on the pavement and I wasn’t late for school yet my selfish nature told me to be angry and annoyed that I would be disrupted on my drive. As I drove into my schools parking lot, early enough to get a spot at a reduced rate I was glad that I was given a gentle reminder about my attitude and perception over situations that are out of my control. I am grateful to know the GOD who loves me enough to set me straight, even on the little things.


  1. Yes, I've had these thoughts before. And am always glad to be reminded that it is God who is in control.



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